1. Policy Statement

This policy establishes the guidelines and procedures for providing free flight experiences in the field of aviation to children in Wings of Worship Aviation. The primary goal of this policy is to promote interest and education in aviation among children by offering them the opportunity to experience flight at no cost. The program will be funded exclusively through donations and sponsorships.

2. Objectives

  • Educational Experience: To provide children with an engaging and educational experience in aviation, fostering curiosity and interest in the field and to allow them to understand their spiritual connections.
  • Access to Aviation: To ensure that children from various socioeconomic backgrounds have the chance to experience aviation, irrespective of their financial circumstances.
  • Safety and Responsibility: To prioritize the safety of participants by adhering to the highest aviation safety standards and protocols.
  • Community Engagement: To foster community engagement and collaboration by encouraging volunteers, sponsors, and aviation enthusiasts to participate in and support the initiative.

3. Eligibility Criteria

Children aged 5 to 15 are eligible to participate in the nonprofit free flight program. Priority should be given to children who demonstrate a genuine interest in aviation, and related areas.

4. Funding and Donations

The program will be entirely funded through donations from individuals, businesses, aviation enthusiasts, and other interested parties. The organization will maintain a transparent accounting system to track all donations and expenditures associated with the program. Financial contributions can be made through the organization’s official website, fundraising events, and partnerships.

5. Flight Operations

  • Aircraft Selection: Aircraft used by Wings of Worship Aviation should meet all relevant safety and maintenance regulations. Only certified and reputable pilots with appropriate experience should be allowed to operate the flights.
  • Safety Measures: All flights should adhere to stringent safety guidelines, including pre-flight safety briefings and adherence to aviation regulations. Weather conditions and flight routes should be assessed to ensure the safety of the participants. Flights can be canceled at anytime due to safety concerns.
  • Parental/Guardian Consent and Waiver: Written consent from parents or legal guardians is required for each participating child. The consent form should outline the nature of the experience and any inherent risks. A waiver is required before any flight. QR CODE
  • Flight Experience: Each flight should aim to provide a meaningful and memorable experience. Pilots are encouraged to engage with the children during the flight, explaining basic aviation principles and addressing any questions.

6. Volunteer Participation

Volunteers, including pilots, aviation professionals, and educators, are instrumental in the success of the program. Volunteers should undergo appropriate background checks and training before participating in the program.

7. Outreach and Promotion

To maximize the program’s reach and impact, the organization should actively engage in outreach efforts through various channels, including social media, community events, and collaborations with schools and youth organizations.

8. Evaluation and Continuous Improvement

Regular assessments of the program’s impact, safety procedures, and overall effectiveness should be conducted. Feedback from participants, volunteers, and sponsors should be used to refine and improve the program over time.

9. Non-Discrimination

The program will not discriminate against participants based on race, gender, religion, ethnicity, disability, or any other protected characteristic.

10. Confidentiality and Privacy

All personal and sensitive information collected from participants, volunteers, and donors should be handled with utmost confidentiality and in compliance with relevant data protection regulations.

11. Policy Review

This policy will be subject to periodic reviews and updates as necessary to ensure its relevance and effectiveness in achieving the program’s objectives.

12. Conclusion

This policy aims to provide a framework for a nonprofit free flight program that introduces children to the world of aviation, inspiring their curiosity and interest while ensuring safety and transparency. Through partnerships, donations, and community involvement, the program will contribute to the growth of a new generation of aviation enthusiasts.

Donation Receipt Policy 

Donation Receipt Policy

1. Policy Statement

This policy outlines the guidelines and procedures for issuing donation receipts to individuals and entities making contributions to Wings of Worship Aviation for free flight program for children’s aviation. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that donors receive accurate and compliant donation receipts for their contributions, which can be used for tax purposes.

2. Legal and Regulatory Compliance

All donation receipts will be issued in compliance with applicable tax laws, regulations, and guidelines established by the relevant tax authorities. The organization will maintain a clear understanding of the tax deductibility of donations based on the organization’s nonprofit status.

3. Receipt Requirements

Donation receipts issued to donors will contain the following key information:

  • Organization Details: The legal name, address, and contact information of the nonprofit organization.
  • Donor Information: The name, address, and contact information of the donor, along with any additional information required for tax reporting.
  • Date of Donation: The date on which the donation was received by the organization.
  • Description of Donation: A clear description of the nature of the donation, whether it’s a monetary contribution, in-kind donation, or other forms of support.
  • Donation Value: The value of the donation, expressed in monetary terms or an itemized description for in-kind donations. For non-monetary donations, the organization will provide a fair market value estimate in accordance with relevant regulations.
  • Tax-Exempt Status: A statement indicating the nonprofit status of the organization, affirming that donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.
  • Acknowledgment Statement: An acknowledgment that no goods or services were provided to the donor in exchange for the donation, or a description and estimated value of any goods or services provided, if applicable.
  • Signature and Contact: A signature from an authorized representative of the organization and relevant contact information for any inquiries.

4. Delivery of Donation Receipts

Donation receipts will be provided to donors promptly after the donation is received. Receipts can be delivered electronically via email or physically by mail, based on the donor’s preference. Donors will also have the option to access their donation receipts from the organization at any time.

5. Corrections and Amendments

In the event that an error is identified in a donation receipt, the organization will promptly correct the receipt and reissue it to the donor. Any corrections or amendments will be made in compliance with relevant tax regulations.

6. Retention of Records

The organization will maintain accurate and complete records of all donation receipts issued, including electronic copies, for a period of time required by tax regulations. These records will be accessible for audit and review purposes.

7. Non-Responsibility for Tax Advice

Donors will be informed that donation receipts are not a substitute for professional tax advice. The organization will recommend that donors consult with their tax advisors or professionals to determine the tax deductibility of their contributions.

8. Policy Review

This policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure alignment with changing tax regulations and organizational practices. Updates will be made as necessary to maintain compliance and effectiveness.

9. Conclusion

This Donation Receipt Policy ensures that donors supporting our nonprofit free flight program for children’s aviation receive accurate and compliant donation receipts. By adhering to legal requirements and maintaining transparency, the organization aims to facilitate a smooth process for donors to claim tax benefits for their contributions. Wings of Worship Aviation is a registered 501(c)3 Nonprofit. EIN: 93-3179857

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